BlkandNerdy works with artisans in order to provide you with thoughtfully designed products at the best prices.

This means that your order can be shipped from areas such as Canada, China and here in the US.

Most of my designs are Made to Order. Which means your item may take 2-5 weeks to arrive. See the product's listing for a more accurate shipping time frame. Please do not be alarmed if it does not show up immediately, it's on its way ;)

(This isn't Amazon folks)

USA: 2-3 Weeks

Canada: 2-3 Weeks

China: 4-6 Weeks

(Covid may also effect shipping times)

We offer international shipping options too - no matter where you are, you can buy from us!

Return Policy

Because most items are made to order, I do not offer refunds due to sizing issues! Please be sure to check the measurements chart on each listing to ensure you are getting the correct fit.

If there are issues with fabric/printing please contact us! You have 7 days from order arrival to submit a claim!

Exclusive Collection pieces can be exchanged based on availability. Customer is responsible for shipping charges for said exchange. 



Do you do Collection restocks?

Yes! But only if the design is popular and warrants a restock. If it doesn't sell well enough I'll let it sell out and wont restock.

Will you come out with larger sizes?

Yes that is always my goal! Currently as a small brand i'm unable to offer all the sizes. But as I grow and have more capital I will relaunch designs in larger sizes if there's interest.

How many people run BlkandNerdy?

Just me, a black woman with a dream :)

Are you a wholesaler?

Nope all my designs are made from scratch and shipped to your door. They don't exist anywhere else.

Can I get a completely custom garment made?

Yes I can definitely help get your idea off the ground but it will not come cheap. Don't even ask if you not willing to pay at least $500 - $1,000.


Garment Maintenance

Hand Washing is the best way to keep your clothes looking new longer. Let air dry never put in a dryer. Dryers are notorious for destroying garments.

Machine Washing Instructions (if you have to)

1. Turn garments inside out and machine or hand wash on a cold, gentle cycle.
2. Please make sure garments are not in the same washer load as any Velcro or zippers to avoid snagging the material
3. Air / hang dry or tumble dry with no heat for best results
4. Steaming is recommended over ironing but if ironing, be sure to set to the lowest heat for synthetic fabrics and iron inside-out.