How to Style a T-shirt Vol.1

Accessibility Text for Screen Readers: A graphic tee can be real simple so let's jazz it up. Patterned bottoms are an easy way to elevate an outfit. Gone are the days of just jeans and a t-shirt. Another easy way to style up your T-shirt is with a poppin skirt! Bring in some feminine flair to an otherwise boxy piece. This creates a cute and effortless outfit. You can dress this look up even more with coordinated accessories and jewelry. Try to pick pieces whose colors can be found in the graphic. For example, the turquoise earrings play off the light blue streak on the tee. While the bag takes inspiration from the orange and brown tones of the background. Look it's a free world, wear double jean. Practically everyone has a jean jacket laying around so let's put it to good use. I suggest your pants be belted to help keep your frame. Roll up the jacket sleeve to keep it polished. Shoes are open-ended with this look so just go with what your most comfortable with at the moment. If you need a suggestion try some loafers! Yall know the vibe. Throw on that leather jacket and let people know to stay 6ft. Black on black jacket and shoes keeps the look grounded. So you can get as wild with the top and bottom as you want. This ensemble's best accessory is confidence.

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